Cupboard Turned Mini Bar

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Last week I took this extremely dated cupboard that was in my parents’ kitchen and turned it into an adorable mini bar!


We decided to detach the door so that the wood in the back was visible. First I applied two coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White, topped with a coat of Annie Sloan clear soft wax.


Next I added dark wax to give it an antiqued look. This is my go to combo for color and wax! I love how much the dark wax shows up on white painted furniture. I finished it off by sanding down the edges and various details on the piece. This allowed the Pure White to show through in some places and gave the edges a rustic look!


I am so very pleased with how it turned out! It had a lot of character that was brought back to life with a little paint and wax!


Thanks for stopping by!

Stay tuned to see what I am doing with the cupboard door!

– GinnyAnn –

DIY Succulent Planter

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How cute is this little succulent planter I made yesterday! I wanted to give this wooden box (that used to be filled with tea) a new purpose and I thought succulents were just the thing. Turns out, it was even cuter than I imagined!

I researched the best potting soil for succulents and decided to try this Cactus Palm and Citrus Potting Soil from Home Depot. They actually had a pretty good selection of succulents and cactus plants there as well!

In the past I have murdered a few plants, but I think I finally got the hang of it. For whatever reason I would forget to water the ones that needed it and drown the ones that didn’t. It took me a while to realize that they really don’t need much; just a few sprays every 7-10 days!


I topped each pot off with some sparkly white rocks to make them nice and neat!

I am obsessed with these adorable plants and how the arrangement turned out! Now let’s just hope the dogs don’t destroy them and I can keep them alive!!

– GinnyAnn –

California Dreamin’

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I have finally made my way back to Texas after exploring the wonderful state of California for the past ten days! I had such an amazing time in each of the three different cities I visited. I have wanted to take a trip to California for some time now and I am so happy I finally made that dream a reality!


My mom traveled with me for half of my trip and our first stop was Los Angeles. We spent the day shopping, exploring around town, and soaking in all of the city’s beauty!

Our next stop was Long Beach and, oh my goodness, it was gorgeous! I attended the Dance Teacher Summit and got to learn and take class with so many incredible people.

Next I visited Placentia, California for a dance intensive at Mather Dance Company. I have admired this studio and the owner, Shannon Mather, for some time now. Being able to learn first hand from some of the industry’s best teachers was such an incredible experience!


My trip came full circle as I made my last stop in LA. I was completely mesmerized by this city. I loved everything about it and hope to visit again soon!

My last day in LA I decided to take a break from dancing and go for a hike at Runyon Canyon. The views were seriously so beautiful!


That evening I revisited “The Grove” for more shopping and dinner!

Might I just add that this flower shop was my absolute favorite stop in the shopping center/farmers market. I bought some adorable new succulents to bring home! (Ps. they do let you carry plants on the plane… thank goodness!)

This trip will forever hold a special place in my heart. I learned so much and made some amazing friends along the way! I can’t wait to go back!

Thanks for reading!

– GinnyAnn –


Kitchen Cabinet Reno

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My first DIY of the summer is complete! Redoing my Memall’s kitchen cabinets is by far the biggest project I have ever taken on. Boy does it feel good to be finished!

I used my favorite Annie Sloan chalk paint and once again I am in love with the finished product! This paint seriously makes painting so much easier and gives everything such a great look. This was my first time using the Annie Sloan clear soft wax and I love it! I think I toned up my right arm quite a bit by waxing all of the cabinets, but it was so worth it! (Its times like this that I wish I were ambidextrous…)

IMG_6640 To give you an idea of what we were working with, check out the before pictures. We didn’t get the whole kitchen before because we were just too eager to get started!IMG_6733 IMG_6735 IMG_6738We chose Paris Grey for the cabinets and used clear wax to give them a flat/matte look. This is the first time I have painted with Annie Sloan without distressing and using dark wax but I love the look it gave her kitchen! FullSizeRender 2If you can’t tell, we did this in the most lazy way possible. We kept all the dishes inside and really only painted the outsides of the cabinets. (The insides are a different project for a different day…) Most of the insides have been tiled and we plan to tile the rest soon! But for now, we are very pleased with the outcome!
IMG_6658We sprayed the door handles and replaced the hinges to match the other dark brass accents.FullSizeRender

We applied a pretty heavy first coat to all the cabinets and doors. On the second coat we used much more water with our paint so that it lasted longer and was free from brush strokes. Had we been going for a more distressed look we would have used more water to thin out our layers. We ended up using almost 4 quarts of the chalk paint and almost a whole can of clear wax.

See more helpful tips on my other Annie Sloan reno projects: Dresser and Medicine Cabinet, Entertainment Center, and Chalkboard Coffee Table.

If you are planning on painting cabinets, you should be aware: When reattaching the doors you will most likely run into the problem of them not fitting properly. Some of the doors were sticking a little (probably because of the layers of paint and wax) and some almost didn’t shut at first. Nothing a little sanding on the edges cant fix, but its something to think about before taking all your doors off! This might not be the case with newer cabinets; these were about 60 years old!

In total, we spent seven days working in the kitchen. This was definitely a bigger project than we originally imagined. But, it was so much fun getting to spend time together doing something we both enjoy! I absolutely inherited the “do-it-yourselfer” gene from my Memall!

That being said… drumroll please…

TA DA!IMG_6656I can’t get over how much a little paint completely opened up the space. It feels so much brighter and bigger now.IMG_6675IMG_6703 IMG_6672 IMG_6669 IMG_6720FullSizeRender 6 IMG_6666IMG_6722I was channeling my inner Joanna Gaines to put the fishing touches on the kitchen. I am so in love! We both agreed that “staging” was our favorite part.

I loved this project almost as much as I love my Memall. I can’t wait for our next project!

Thanks for reading!


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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I’ve got a serious case of the Monday blues…

I spent the past five days waking up to this gorgeous view in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and I was not ready to leave it!
IMG_6279Me, my friends and family spent five days in Cabo celebrating me and Baylor’s graduation and we had an absolute blast! It was so incredibly beautiful and our resort was out of this world. We stayed at the Villa La Estancia which was simply spectacular; I would recommend it to anyone wanting a resort style experience!

I’ve put together a little video of some of the fun times we shared. Check it out!

And if thats not enough proof that we had the time of our lives, check out some of my favorite moments from each day!imageIMG_6423IMG_6445 IMG_6478 imageimage

The waves were big…


REAL big!


I’m ready to plan my next trip! So much fun was had with some of my favorite people.

Until next time, Cabo!

– GinnyAnn –

Louis Goes to Campus

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Hello FURiends, Louis here!

Mom is letting me take over the blog again to share my trip to the beautiful Texas A&M campus. BUT, first let me congratulate my PAWsome humans on graduating!!


Mom put my face on her cap so I could walk with her across the stage! How cute am I?!

I’ve always wondered where mom and dad left me to go every day for the past four years, and I finally got to visit it myself. It was so much fun! We had a picnic, went for a walk, and stopped by some cool statues while we were there. Did I mention it was my mom’s birthday? It was pretty cool of her to spend it with me!

First stop was dad’s Construction Science building in Francis Hall. Here is me being handsome by the entrance.


Next was the Texas A&M Seal. Campus myth is if you walk on any of the seals you will not graduate. I kept my paws off just in case I decide to go back to get my own degree.

IMG_6196 IMG_6198

Next we visited the Lawrence Sullivan Ross sculpture where students usually place a penny around his feet for good luck on exams. Mom and dad are finished with all their tests but we put three pennies down in hopes of good luck for life!

IMG_6199 IMG_6203 IMG_6205

Then we made our way to Kyle Field. Before posing for pictures at the War Hymn Monument, I growled and barked at these weird looking people to make sure they weren’t going to get me. I must have scared them pretty good because they didn’t move a muscle.

IMG_6211 IMG_6215 IMG_6218

Here I am at Spence Park. This is where my humans PAWtied (probably a little too hard) before Aggie football games.


And here is a great photo I took of my humans! I’d say I’m pretty good at working that camera thing.

Thanks mom and dad for bringing me to see this beautiful campus and thanks everyone for reading my post! It was pretty hard to type considering I don’t have thumbs.

Sending hugs and wet slobbery kisses,


Senior Pictures + Dance + Louis!

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Its becoming real. In 32 days I will be graduating from Texas A&M. Can we just take a second……….

It is so crazy to me that in a such a short amount of time I will be done with college and starting a completely new chapter of my life. Its a little scary, but unbelievably exciting!

This weekend I had some pictures taken by the amazing Lovely by Lauren Photography. She is amazing at what she does and was so great at making me have fun with it! She is awesome and if you are in need of a photographer in the Bryan-College Station area I would highly recommend you get with her.

Here are just a few of my favorites from my session!IMG_0714 IMG_0698 IMG_0729 IMG_0625 IMG_0603 IMG_0814 IMG_0765IMG_0803 IMG_0834-2IMG_0753 IMG_0930 IMG_0886-2

Thanks for stopping by!


Big Sky, Montana

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Last weekend my family and I traveled to Big Sky, Montana for an incredible two-day-vacay! Montana is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I jokingly said, “its like being in a snow globe,” but there is honestly no better way to describe it! Even though it was short, it was jam packed with fun and we are already planning our return. IMG_5883 After landing at the Bozeman airport Friday morning, we started our drive towards Big Sky and were immediately amazed by all the beauty around us. We randomly pulled over to take a picture and ended up finding the cutest little cafe off the river called The Inn on the Gallatin. The food was AH-mazing and the staff were as sweet as they could be! It was so yummy, we even came back Easter Sunday for breakfast.
IMG_5873 IMG_5863 IMG_5874 IMG_5896IMG_5946 The first night we took a sleigh ride into the mountains followed by dinner in a tiny little cottage that was absolutely delicious.
12717593_10204283376804024_799644014622936357_nIMG_5911IMG_5914 12592635_10204283375884001_5462948622192844876_n Next on the agenda was dog sledding. Saturday morning we met the cutest little pups that took us on a ride up the mountain to the most incredible views!
IMG_5938 993561_10204289292551914_6260274968260993448_n IMG_5945 After some cookies and hot chocolate we continued our busy day with snowmobiling. This was so much fun and the view was absolutely breathtaking. But honestly, anywhere you look is an amazing view!
IMG_5957 IMG_5961 IMG_5967 Our trip was quick, but definitely one of the best vacations I’ve been on. We owe a huge thank you to David O’Connor at Buck’s T-4 Lodge for making our stay so great! I am so excited to go back for a longer stay and check out the skiing!FullSizeRenderIMG_5979Thanks for reading!


Sixteen dates for 2016

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Happy New Year everyone!

2015 was amazing but I am beyond ready for 2016! So many things are happening this year and I can’t wait to get started. Baylor and I will both graduate in the spring and then Baylor starts working at his new job in May. I am so excited to see where this next year takes us!

A few days ago Baylor and I realized that we couldn’t remember the last time we went on a date. The next day we got all fancy and went out to eat (hence the pictures above). This past semester, between school and work, we have been busier than ever and I guess we started skipping out on date nights. Since we’ve been together for so long, we sometimes fall into a routine and forget to include the fun, romantic stuff in our relationship. SO… I thought of the grand idea to come up with sixteen dates that we can do during 2016 (Baylor was thrilled… haha! But I think he will end up enjoying it). We each got to pick eight dates and promised to complete the list within the next year!

Here’s our list:

  1. Go ice skating
  2. Go camping/hiking
  3. Build a blanket fort and watch movies
  4. Take a ballroom dance class
  5. Go to First Friday in Downtown Bryan
  6. Do each other’s hair/makeup/outfit and go out somewhere
  7. Visit a vineyard and do a wine tasting tour
  8. Go to a shooting range
  9. Go put-putting
  10. Go to a fair
  11. Go to a Dallas Cowboys game
  12. Get the family recipe for gumbo and cook it
  13. Have a picnic at the park with Louis (our dog)
  14. Visit Schlitterbahn
  15. Go to a concert
  16. Watch all the Star Wars movies

    I figure if I post this on here we might actually stick to it! I’ll be documenting each date and posting them, so look out for more mushy posts in the near future.

Thanks for reading!


Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my!

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Yesterday I finally made the trip to the Houston Zoo to visit all the animals and feed the giraffes! I haven’t been to the zoo since I was young and I have been dying to go see “all the little birdies, and the little monkeys” (Name that movie….). Anyways, I had so much fun yesterday visiting the zoo with my boo and wanted to share!

IMG_5529 IMG_4105IMG_4106 Flamingos; Why stand on two legs when you could stand on one?IMG_5365 The elephant’s name was Baylor and he was very hard headed… Coincidence? I don’t think so!IMG_5477 “Your biceps are huge. Kiss me!” (Name that movie pt.2….) I think this little monkey was showing off his muscles.IMG_5417Big thanks to Baylor for bringing me and accepting my girlish squeals at all the cute animals all day. I love him for that!Our “lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!” faces. IMG_5444 Clearly there was nothing to be afraid of since everyone was taking a little cat nap! Zzzzzzzz…..Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 2.34.56 PMGiraffes were by far my favorite part! Feeding them was so cool even though they have 18 inch tongues that touch you!!IMG_5380 IMG_5521IMG_4115 It was a gorgeous day and the weather was absolutely perfect for the zoo. So happy I finally got to go! IMG_5497Thanks for reading!


ps. The movies were Mean Girls (duh) and The House Bunny