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Hi there, I’m GinnyAnn! Born and raised in the small town of Orange, Texas! I am a Christ follower, TAMU class of 2016, dancer, yogi, and shopaholic. I enjoy dressing up, being spontaneous, keeping active, and snuggling with my fur child, Louis (a goofy goldendoodle who is the love of my life). I’m that girl who is still with her high school sweetheart and couldn’t be happier! I’m a neat freak who is constantly organizing and I make a list for every occasion. I love crafts and “do-it-yourselfers” and I’m obsessed with candles and getting mani/pedis. There is so much more to me that you will learn with each new post!

>>ps. My college roommates and I started this page, so you might still find some of their old posts floating around!

I hope you enjoy exploring my blog and come back soon!

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